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Advanced Contracting Inc
Charlton Dental
Charles Drew
Flexospan Steel Buildings
Gilliland's Station
Mercer County State Bank
Mercer County United Way
Montgomery's Hardware
Quillen's Cafe

Reiser Automotive
Sandy Lake Hardware
Shelbee & Shawn Hostetler
SJA Transport Services LLC
Stoneboro Garden Club
Stoneboro Lions Club
Wagler's Camp Perry
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Local Resources

  • Sign up individuals or whole families.  Look for the Register Now link on the right hand side of the sceen. 
  • If you sign up as a family, the parent must log in and have a single password for the family.  With this option you must select which child you are logging for, but can also log everyone at once if you have done the activity together.  
  • You may also sign up individually.  In this option each person has their own password.
  • Membership (library card) not required, but is required to check out books.
  • Your home screen shows you the different things you can do.  The age level directs you to the appropriate program.
  • The goal is to earn 1,000 points.  You earn this by reading and logging minutes, completing missions, or completing bingo cards.
  • Read and go to Log reading to record your minutes.  Any parent approved material is accepted.  We hope you will take advantage of the great selection of books we have at the library.
  • Missions are designed to allow for active learning at home.  These earn points.  Some materials for these are provided in the Welcome Bag, but most are done using home resources.
  •  Play a bingo board.  Points are awarded for lines completed and we log these for you.  You can log the minutes you read to complete each square as well.
  • Earn badges along the way.  Some children's badges have prizes which can be claimed at the library.
  • Your points automatically qualify you for prize drawings along the way.  Thanks to our community supporters, we are awarding some larger prizes for kids.  Gift cards and certificates will be awarded to all ages.  
  • The Sailor Quest is part of the program, involving a scavenger hunt for clues, but does not require store visits as in previous years. 
  • New for adults is a Community Trivia Mission with questions from the past for participants to answer.
  • Choose your own level of participation.  Only log minutes reading or join the fun of missions.  Whatever you choose, choose to keep reading and learning this summer!

  • Signing up is easy.  Simply go to
    Our catalog is linked to the program, and we have designed some activities using the Collaborative Summer Reading Program as our primary source.
    Contact Wendy Kellogg, if you need help.
    If you don't have internet access, you can request materials by calling the library.   You will be contacted as how to access materials.  Remember the library has free Wi-Fi and the area around the library has free internet, HomeworkHub.

    As with most things this year, our Summer Quest is looking a bit different.  We will not have large group gatherings in the park as we have in other years.
    However, we will offer an exciting online platform that allows participants to log reading minutes, complete different learning missions, and earn prizes along the way!
    We encourage all ages to take part, birth-adult.